About Dax

I started an ecommerce dream in May 2000 with about $1,500 and a dream.  I was pretty young at the time and didn’t know much about running a business, let alone an Internet business, but I thought that having my own web store would be a fun and (hopefully) profitable hobby.

Although we were in the midst of the dot-com bubble, there actually weren’t many platforms that made it easy for individuals to build their own site.  I remember reading an article about Yahoo Stores at the time and decided to sign up.  More than a decade later, that $1,500 has turned into hundreds of thousands of dollars of profit.

In 2009, I started selling products on Amazon and have since grown it to more than $1 million in annual revenue.  While it can be difficult to find the right products to sell, they really do make it a very easy platform for sellers and it’s now where I generate most of my revenue.

I’m not rich, but I’d like to think I know what I’m doing.  I hope to share my knowledge with those who are looking for a little guidance, but I’m also hoping that my readers will also share some experiences for me to learn from.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions about this site.

~Dax Deegan
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